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Bridging the gap between research and real world impact.

Joe Sarsfield

PhD student in technology supervised stroke rehabilitation

The resources at NTU have been invaluable to me.

The way to make an impact in computer science and AI is to work closely with industry as I’ve done recently with the NHS. 

My work specifically looks at the algorithmic challenges around using low cost cameras to track human movement to aid rehabilitation. 

My ambition is to help patients rehabilitate at home without needing a physio to guide their exercise regime.

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The resources at NTU have been invaluable to me.

They have helped me bridge the gap between the world of research and making a real world impact - thanks to their extensive links with industry, academics from different fields and other universities. It is also due to the amazing facilities here, such as the high quality motion capture studio and been able to work closely with practising physiotherapists in the NHS.

As a result I’ve been able to really evaluate what I was doing to the highest level which meant my work was published in the top academic journals. 

In short, through the freedom NTU gave me I’ve been able to carve out my own field of expertise.

In the hope that, one day, I can be acknowledged as a world expert in my field.

My name is Joe Sarsfield.

I’ve just completed a PhD on ‘Technology supervised stroke rehabilitation’.

My name is  Joe Sarsfield.

Joe studied for his bachelor's degree in computer science at Nottingham Trent University where he learnt the principles of programming and later became interested in artificial intelligence. After working as a full stack developer within industry, Joe returned to Nottingham Trent University to complete a PhD in designing algorithms for enabling technology supervised stroke rehabilitation.


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