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At no time have I been held-back for being part-time and a mum.

A/Prof. Kirsty Elliott-Sale

Associate Professor in Sports Science

NTU have been fantastic at giving me the opportunities to progress and grow.

In the 90’s I was a GB kickboxer. 

There went many of us, so we became one of the lads. But there are some fairly obvious and not so obvious differences between male and female athletes. My experiences drove me to study the unique biological challenges that elite female athletes face and how this impacts their performance.

At the time, this work was ground breaking.  

It was easy then to be prolific and hard working – when you are young, free and single. So when I first started at NTU 8 years ago it was directly after a career break following the birth of my twins. People could easily have said, ‘Oh yes, she’s a mum and working part time. How lovely!’

I wasn’t going to sit back and watch the world go by. I’m nothing if not competitive. But it can be difficult to get a work/life balance. 

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NTU allowed me to strike that balance.

They allowed me to set the pace and the boundaries and to maximise every opportunity within those constraints. As an academic, you are often expected to say yes to everything. So choosing the right opportunities can be difficult, being offered them is essential. NTU have been fantastic at giving me the opportunities to progress and grow; helping promote me to a much higher level within the university.

The past 5 years have been fantastic. 

At no time have I felt held-back for working part-time and for being a mum. I’ve been championed as part of the team, part of the university, someone who is valued.

My name is Kirsty Elliott-Sale .

I’m Associate Professor at the School of Science & Technology.

My name is Kirsty Elliott-Sale .

Dr Elliott-Sale completed her undergraduate degree and PhD at Liverpool John Moores University. She worked as a Lecturer at Brunel University and the University of Brighton before undertaking a four-year Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at Kings College London. Dr Elliott-Sale joined NTU in September 2009 as a Senior Lecturer on a part-time basis.


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