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Professor Baback Yazdani

Dean and Professor of Product Development at Nottingham Business School

There’s a defining question behind everything we do at Nottingham Business School – how can we make possibilities happen?

For our people and those we serve – students, the scientific community, business, society and the wider world. 

And it’s a question with simple, powerful, compelling answers. 

  • By focusing on the issues that matter most to people, business and society. 
  • By combining intellectual rigour with real-world impact.
  • And by empowering people with the support, trust and freedom to realise their unique potential. 

We make possibilities happen because we’re different.

Different because we are informed by, collaborate with and understand the world in which we operate. 

Different because we’ve developed the systems, processes and culture to move at pace, at scale and with purpose. 

Different because we are not just observers of change. We make change happen. 

And different because we’re leaders in experiential learning and personalisation, and our teaching is rich with the original, relevant, applied research that helps every student succeed.

It’s how and why we produce graduates who speak the language of business and go on to succeed in that world. 

It’s why exceptional academics are here because they know that a good idea will be backed by the resources, support and impetus to make it happen – quickly and with impact. These are people who see possibilities, are driven to realise their potential and want to feel valued in a truly interdisciplinary, collegiate environment.

Our reputation, stature and status are growing rapidly. We are an EQUIS and AACSB accredited Business School, and listed as one of Europe’s Top Business Schools by the Financial Times

We’re here to make a difference; to be relevant and meaningful; to discover and impart knowledge that delivers tangible, positive, lasting change to each and every one of us.

We’re here to make possibilities happen. 

Perhaps we could do that for you?

Our vibrant City Campus is home to Nottingham Business School and is bustling with 16,000 students, and the learning spaces, and gyms we've built to inspire them and our staff. It’s a place where inspiring teaching spaces meet vibrant social venues – and they will all motivate you to think big. We’ve invested over £420 million into our buildings and teaching spaces in the last ten years, so you’ll be working right in the heart of the action.

Based in the centre of Nottingham, you’ll be working in a mix of modern and historic buildings. It's the perfect place to live a balanced life; lively social venues on your doorstep, with lots of places to relax nearby – escape to one of the surrounding parks and gardens like the Arboretum.

Find out more about living and working in Nottingham. 


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